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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


The Weird and The Wonderful

Submissions for the Spring 2019 issue will remain open until April 15th 

We’re excited to feature speculative, lyrical and otherwise experimental works for our Volume 5, Issue II for Spring 2019. The Santa Ana River Review welcomes submissions in creative nonfiction, drama, fiction, poetry and visual arts that pushes boundaries through content or form. Send us your best ghost stories, lyrical essays and other non-traditional literary work for consideration.


Please include a brief bio, social media info, and an email address. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please withdraw if accepted elsewhere.

All rights revert to the author upon publication. Please credit SANTA ANA RIVER REVIEW in future publications.


Maximum 5,000 words

Submit double-spaced .doc or .docx attachment.

Novel excerpts must be self-contained.

Send us that story you've always wanted to see in print for all the world to read. The one with the characters you love, where the writing pops off the page. We love to be surprised, and we'll give it a solid read, we promise. 


Maximum 4,000 words

Submit double-spaced .doc or .docx attachment.

For non-fiction, we're looking for essays and memoirs that have a revelatory angle — not simply recounting situations or events, but showing how these events change the narrator's life; this can be something as small as an important realization or as large as a major life shift. We're looking for past events that bump us up against future events, and reveal the depth of human experience. We're open to any subject as long as there is a clear personal narrative arc. 


Up to 3 poems, 10 pages maximum

Submit .pdf attachment.

If these poems are part of a greater project, please include a line about that in your cover letter. We especially encourage people of color, LGBTQ, and all underrepresented groups to submit. We look forward to reading your poetry.


Ten-minute play maximum (12 pages or less)

Submit in .doc or .docx attachment.

Diverse writers encouraged (women, POC, LGBTQ).

Since this is print and not production, writers are encouraged to be as creative as they wish—with setting, characters, world, etc. Of course plays are meant to be seen, but these will be read, so writers should not feel constricted by the small-cast, single-location-set hell of “producible work.”

Previously produced plays are welcome; we do not accept previously published plays.


1 piece

Upload in high resolution or 300 dpi for scanning photography.

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